Chemists: What Has LinkedIn Done For You Lately?

Developing a network of contacts is often cited as career advice to chemists. Sometimes, LinkedIn is suggested as a good service for doing so.

A recent post describing why one user quit LinkedIn altogether got me thinking about how useful this service is in practice. An older D-F post talked about some problems with LinkedIn forums - specifically, the limitations of investing time and effort on closed discussion forums with a limited audience.

Given the currently underperforming chemistry job market, and the often-cited connection between LinkedIn and finding a job, it seems reasonable to ask chemists - what has LinkedIn done for you lately?

What better way to ask than with that other social media site, Twitter. Responses have so far been mixed. Here's a sample:

If you've successfully used LinkedIn to land a chemistry position or solve a technical problem you faced in your job, how did you do it? If another service or approach gave better results, which one did you use and how?