Really Drug-Like Molecules

The idea of drug-likeness is pervasive in pharmaceutical research. Although it has its place, the concept can also be twisted to provide cover in the absence of other data. After all, what in the world does 'drug-like' actually mean?

One place to look for meaning in the term 'drug-like' is with, well, drugs! Pharmaceutical sales figures, when combined with structural information, can provide valuable insights into drug-likeness. Unfortunately, data combining the business and science of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole are not easy to come by. Fortunately, the Njardarson group at the University of Arizona has decided to take up to the challenge.

Top 200 Pharmaceutical Products by Worldwide Sales in 2009 is a full-color table suitable for creating posters and other large displays. Each entry lists the generic name, trade name, structure, company, total sales, and indication of one top-selling drug, medical device, vaccine, or other product.

The Njardarson group also hosts other interesting posters at their site, including the top 200 generics by sales.

Now if I could just get this in SDF format…