Building ChemWriter 2 - See it in Person at the Fall 2010 ACS in Boston

For those interested in a closer look at ChemWriter 2, I'll be giving a presentation at the upcoming Fall ACS in Boston:

When: August 23, 2:45PM

Where: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Room 155. You can get a map of the concourse here.

Title: ChemWriter: A Chemical Structure Editor for the Web and Mobile Platforms

Abstract: A plugin-free, browser-based chemical structure editor will soon be offered by Metamolecular. This talk will discuss motivation and implications of this new technology. An iPad running an experimental touch interface version of ChemWriter will be available after the session.

This short (6 minute) presentation will be part of a special Lightening Talk Session. Kudos to Rajarshi Guha for putting this together. As far as I know, a session of short talks with collapsed abstract submission time is a first for an ACS meeting. This alone should make the session memorable.

If you're curious about touch interfaces in chemistry, the fuzzy line between native mobile apps and browser mobile apps, or what JavaScript can do right now for cheminformatics, I encourage you to attend the session and/or meet up with me afterwards.

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