Chemvoice: Making It a Little Easier to Be a Great Chemist

The Web has enormous potential to help each of us become better at what we do. It stands above any other medium for its ability to promote learning through directly sharing information.

Unrealized Potential

But to use the Web to its fullest potential requires both a service and users of that service that "get it". For too long, the services have been lacking. This has led to a lack of chemists who understand what they have to gain. Lack of chemists demanding these services leads to lack of services, and so on.

Maybe it's possible to break the cycle.

Becoming a Great Chemist

Two things uniting all chemists who aspire to greatness are a drive for new information and a willingness to share it. Information about the latest, best research in their specialty. Information about how to make an impact in other specialties and the rest of the world. Information about jobs. Information about funding. Information about collaborators and competitors.

But where is the Web-savvy service that helps chemists obtain and share this kind of information?


Chemvoice offers one answer to this question. Chemvoice is a social news service for chemistry that my company will soon start testing in a closed alpha.

If you're a chemist with a thirst for new information and you're interested in joining a like-minded group during our testing phase, we'd like to hear from you.

If you're interested in following our progress, please subscribe to the mailing list or the Chemvoice Blog.