Talking About Chempedia and the Future of Scientific Communication

I'll be giving a presentation at this March's ACS Meeting titled "Chempedia: A social medium for chemical information" (ID 10054). Here's the abstract I submitted:

Chempedia is a free service designed to solve the problem of uniquely identifying and naming chemical substances. With the Web's ever-increasing role in chemistry comes the need for a free substance registry as a platform on which to build the chemical information systems of the future. Chempedia addresses this need by offering a peer-reviewed, real-time platform that can be read from, written to, and republished by the global chemistry community free of charge. Created with the recognition that chemistry is an inherently social activity, Chempedia adapts many of the best practices and technologies used in modern social media.

This talk will discuss the importance of a free substance registry to the future of chemical communication, the principles and technologies applied to Chempedia, and the ways Chempedia is now being used.

This talk will be part of a symposium titled "The Future of Scholarly Communication". Judging from the schedule I received, the session looks to be a good one for anyone interested in the ways scientific communication may change in the years ahead.