The Warren L. DeLano Memorial Award for Computational Biosciences

By way of Practical Fragments, I learned about The Warren L. DeLano Memorial Award for Computational Biosciences:

We intend to establish an annual award to recognize innovative developments in this field: The DeLano Award for Excellence in Computational Biosciences. This award would be given to a top computational bioscientist in recognition of their contributions to the field of computational biosciences. As Warren worked for the community as a whole, we will be keen to acknowledge those who make these contributions through Open Source as a service to the bioscience community.

To make something like this happen in perpetuity would take about ~$100K to establish the endowment. We ask that you give a tax-deductible donation to this foundation and help promote excellence in this field. You can either send a check as instructed below or use PayPal. Please help us commemorate his vision by donating to the Warren DeLano Memorial Fund.

I think this is a great idea and have already made a contribution. In whatever capacity you knew Warren or knew of him, I encourage you to contribute to this worthy cause.