Drug Discovery on the Web

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) is a Web-based platform for drug discovery collaboration. It's one of the few examples of a Web-based tool accessible by the public and designed to integrate into the daily workflow of biology/chemistry teams. Recently, CDD held its 3rd Annual Community Meeting, and Barry Bunin, CDD's founder, forwarded me a link to a writeup of the event.

CDD is interesting at a number of levels. I'm most intrigued by how CDD has embraced the Web as a platform for scientific collaboration. It's also interesting to see Ruby on Rails being used in the context of a large scientific application.

I don't see much written about CDD by users themselves (which is a little surprising), but I think there's a lot these folks can teach developers about how to create chemistry-focused Web applications.

If you're a CDD user, how do you use the service and what are your likes/dislikes?

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