Sixty-Four Free Chemistry Databases - Twenty and Counting

The twentieth installment of the Sixty-Four Free Chemistry Databases series has recently been added. Below is a list of the titles so far:

  1. PubChem
  2. Sigma-Aldrich Reaction Search
  3. Heterocycles Web Edition
  4. Electronic Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis
  5. CrystalEye
  6. Common Chemistry
  9. ZINC
  10. Spectral Database of Organic Compounds
  11. Pherobase
  12. eMolecules
  13. Side Effect Resource (SIDER)
  14. AffinDB
  15. BindingDB
  16. WebReactions
  17. Organic Syntheses
  18. ChemSynthesis
  19. Symmetry@Otterbein
  20. Polyview 3D

These services stand at the forefront of a new way of thinking about chemistry communities, the data they rely on, and the software that brings everything together. Whether you're a developer or a chemists, they're all well worth looking at.