Updating Ruby CDK

It's been over two years since Ruby CDK was first announced. For the unfamiliar, Ruby CDK offers a convenient way to use the Chemistry Development Kit from the MRI Ruby implementation.

Over the least several months, I've received quite a few emails about Ruby CDK. Many of the questions and comments revolve around the library now being out of date with both Ruby and CDK. Unfortunately, my priorities have moved in a different direction, leaving little time to maintain Ruby CDK.

So I was very happy to hear from Sebastian Klemm, who took on the job of updating Ruby CDK.

The result is the Ruby CDK repository on GitHub. In addition to updating Ruby CDK, Sebastian also updated one of its core components - Structure CDK. This Structure CDK fork is available via GitHub.

If you need to use CDK from Ruby, or you're interested in an alternative to CDK's built-in renderer, I encourage you to check out Sebastian's work.