CampDepict: Building a Simple SMILES Depict Web Application With JRuby, Structure CDK, and Camping

Today's tribute to the power of simplicity comes by way of John Jaeger, who has built one of the simplest cheminformatics Web applications ever written. His creation, CampDepict, interactively produces a raster image of a 2D chemical structure given a SMILES string, not unlike Daylight's Depict application.

CampDepict uses the Ruby Web microframework Camping. From the README:

Camping is a web framework which consistently stays at less than 4kb of code. You can probably view the complete source code on a single page. But, you know, it‘s so small that, if you think about it, what can it really do?

The idea here is to store a complete fledgling web application in a single file like many small CGIs. But to organize it as a Model-View-Controller application like Rails does. You can then easily move it to Rails once you‘ve got it going.

John's application is loosely-based on the Rails Depict application first described in 2006 here on Depth-First. His code makes use of CDK and Structure CDK, and it runs on JRuby.

If you've ever been curious about what Ruby has to offer cheminformatics, CampDepict could be just the application to get your feet wet.