Science Blogging Anthology Now in Print

The science blogging anthology The Open Laboratory 2007 is now available for purchase. As mentioned earlier, The Open Laboratory was created to promote the 2008 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference to be held on January 19, 2008. Chapter 4.3 contains the article "SMILES and Aromaticity: Broken?", which originally appeared last year on Depth-First. Details are available in the original announcement.

The Open Laboratory's publisher is remarkable. Lulu is a service that lets people of average means publish and sell their own books. The key to the entire operation is that rather than being printed in large batches, books are printed on demand.

Got a great idea for a book that will likely have a devoted but small audience? You too can publish a high-quality product and sell it through an established, worldwide distribution network. No contracts, no agents, no years of trying to find a publisher. Just do it.

Consider these chemistry-related titles currently offered by Lulu, none of which has the mass market needed to get a major publisher to back them:

Having bought one Lulu title recently, Desktop Java Live, I can say that both the experience and finished product are nearly indistinguishable from buying books at Amazon.

Let's hear it for The Long Tail!