Awesome People: Andrew Warner

Ever since Warren DeLano died, something has been bothering me: I never told him how much I valued what he was doing. What an inspiration he was to me for his energy and vision. How gutsy I thought he was to go against conventional wisdom with actions. How I wanted to emulate his success in business.

There's no excuse for this. And there are others besides Warren who I'm benefiting from - many of whom I don't know.

So I thought I'd try to change my ways - and use the occasional blog post to highlight some of the people who are influencing how I approach life, software, science, and business.

Today, I'd like to thank Andrew Warner for what he's doing to make entrepreneurship less mysterious. For those of you who aren't familiar with him, Andrew interviews entrepreneurs through his Mixergy site. I've never seen an interviewer go into the level of detail that he does, nor listen so carefully and then ask intelligent follow-up questions. Each interview is packed with useful, specific information ready to be put into practice.

Regardless of whether you're trying to build a business or just fix something that's broken, the stories told on Mixergy contain valuable lessons on how to succeed (and fail) at it.

Some of my favorite recent interviews include:

So thanks, Andrew.