Win a Free ChemWriter License for Your Site

Over the last several months I've received a number of requests for free ChemWriter domain licenses. If you've looked at ChemWriter and like what you see, but can't manage the price tag - this is your chance.

Until October 7, my company is running a contest with the prize being one ChemWriter domain license. This license entitles the winner to the full version of ChemWriter, with no expiration and access to all updates.

Now, giving something away is well and good, but it has to make good business sense as well. One thing that we care deeply about as ChemWriter continues to evolve is finding out what's most important to those thinking about deploying a chemical structure editor to their websites, and to those who would subsequently be using it.

So we've come up with a contest to address both needs. Simply post one paragraph discussing your most important requirement for a chemical structure editor, along with a link to the contest page, to the social medium of your choice. This might be a LinkedIn Forum, a Friendfeed Site, your blog, a wiki, or even a mailing list. Then, email us a link to what your posted. We'll then choose a winner at random.

Be sure to read the full contest rules before entering.

I have no idea what kind of response to expect. It might be that social media are still too underused in chemistry/cheminformatics and that relatively few will take us up on the offer.

If you've been looking for a better way to create great interfaces to your rich chemistry Web application for free, this might be your opportunity. Good luck!

About ChemWriter

ChemWriter is the chemical structure editor designed for use with Web applications. Fast-loading and easy to deploy, ChemWriter makes it simple to create great interfaces for rich chemistry applications. ChemWriter is used by organizations worldwide, and can be seen at work on popular sites such as eMolecules.