Small Libraries and GitHub: Applet-Fu

If you've ever needed to deploy Java applets, you may have found the information on best practices scattered, inconsistent, and unreliable. Applet-Fu is a small JavaScript library that makes it easy to deploy applets by taking advantage of Web standards and features already supported by mainstream browsers.

More detailed discussion of Applet-Fu is available from the Metamolecular Products Blog and the ChemWriter Best Practices Deployment Page.

Applet-Fu is a perfect example of the kind of open source project for which a service like SourceForge is overkill. The library consists of nothing more than a few lines of JavaScript in a single file, and some documentation. For this reason, Applet-Fu is hosted on GitHub.

The project itself took about 60 seconds to create and upload. Perks include:

There are many other ways to host open source projects, and GitHub won't be right in every situation. But for small, highly-focused projects, GitHub is well worth checking out.